Straight Valves

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  • Part Number: LGB1- 1 1 A
  • List Price (USD): $37.32
  • Straight Pattern Ball Valve
  • Straight Serrated Nozzle
  • Metal Lever Handle
  • Air Button
  • This item ships 15 business days from order acknowledgement

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Outlet Options
E7JKCP Straight Serrated Nozzle
E7XTJKCP 30 Degree Angle Serrated Nozzle
E7TCJKCP Straight Serrated Nozzle with check valve
Handle Button Options
216-278JKNF Air
216-378JKNF Vacuum
216-328JKNF Natural Gas
216-728NITJKNF Nitrogen
216-728HEJKNF Helium
216-778CO2JKNF Carbon Dioxide
216-778COJKNF Carbon Monoxide
216-778HYDJKNF Hydrogen
216-778PROJKNF Propane
216-728ACETJKNF Acetylene
216-678CH4JKNF Methane
216-678SGJKNF Specialty Gas
Turret Options
No Turret
980-WSCP Turret with One Side Outlet and Shank
982-WSCP Turret with Two Side Outlets @ 90° and Shank
981-WSCP Turret with Two Side Outlets @ 180° and Shank
983-WSCP Turret with Three Side Outlets and Shank
984-WSCP Turret with Four Side Outlets and Shank
986-FCP Straight Wall Flange
986-CP Straight Wall Flange with Shank
987-FCP Y Pattern Wall Flange
987-CP Y Pattern Wall Flange with Shank